ROCKMA Drilling utför diamantborrning som inkluderar tolkning av borrdata, ”Digital Kartering”. I all borrning som utförs av ROCKMA Drilling så inkluderas en rapport med tolkningar som oftast ger mycket intressant information till kunderna som normalt inte finns tillgängligt.

Surface drill rig MUNIN.


ROCKMA Digital mapping system, drill monitoring,
rock analysis, planning, production and follow-up.

Remote controlled. Developed hydraulic functions.

GPS, drill direction, (accuracy of 0.2 degrees)

GPS, position.

Inclinometer, on-line inclination in digital, measured with high accuracy.

Communication between rig – office. On-line information, hole number, position, direction, depth, (latest rock property), also to the customer.


Surface drill rigs GUNGNER and BAUGE



We perform drilling according to guideline worked out by SveMin. Of course we adjust our routines to local regulations. Our goal is that the drilling spot should look the same way after we have drilled. This is a goal which we think that we always achieve. In all of our work we put great importance on quality.

To maintain the environment is an important part of the company policy and have a high priority for our employees.

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