ROCKMA started operations in 1999 and has since sold hundreds of systems to the mining industry, both surface and underground mining, tunneling projects, geotechnical surveys, diamond drillings, quarries etc.
For over 20 years our rock mass analysis accuracy has been verified after every blast made using our applications.
We specialize in the interpretation of rock properties, but the products have evolved over the years, and we are now offering comprehensive solutions for various production applications.
ROCKMAs technology enables highly accurate and precise information about the rock mass. The drilling process and rock interpretation can be displayed in real time by the operator and by users of Rockma Software.
Many types of drill rigs are equipped with a data acquisition system, in those cases we use that data. If the drill rig does not have these sensors pre-installed, we offer a complete system for this.
The name or concept ”Digital Mapping” comes from analyzing and presenting drill monitoring data. Drill monitoring can also be called MWD (Measurement While Drilling). Drill monitoring or MWD is different names for registration of drill parameters during rock drilling
ROCKMA is a company that develops methods for analyzing these parameters and also develops software for graphical presentation of the rock mass. The graphical presentation is generated automatically and it is very user friendly. All handling is digital. This is why the method is called ”Digital Mapping”.
ROCKMA can be used for all drilling methods, all brands and models. Many drill rigs can be delivered with MWD-systems (drill monitoring systems) often as an option. This is not necessary. ROCKMA has possibility to sell and mount complete logging system on all types of drill rigs. ROCKMA’s hardware (monitoring system) is optimized for the analysis and built on that basis.
The analysis of drill monitoring data has been developed to generate very detailed rock mass information. The analysis is automatically generated and gives foundation for a quick decision.
The rock properties we calculate/present are normally:
◾ The rock compressive strength ( UCS ) presented in MPa
◾ Fractures, presented as fracture frequency (%) or RQD
◾ Water conditions of the rock mass
◾ Blasting properties
◾ Grouting / classes
◾ Rock support
◾ Ore / waste
◾ Also other properties can be calibrated against if reference data are available
Drilling process raw data, that we use as a basis for our calculations is often called:
◾ MWD (Measurement While Drilling)
◾ Drill monitoring
◾ Also other names occurs for the process of collecting drill data
To take care of and use information when drilling is performed can give huge economical and safety benefits. In some application just one decision based on this information can give a payback for the whole system cost.
Our open pit clients include one of the world’s biggest open pit, Sishen Iron Ore Mine in South Africa. Currently, Anglo American is ROCKMAs largest customer in South Africa.
In Scandinavia, we have sold many systems for tunnel operation. Our largest customers in Scandinavia is the Swedish Transport Administration, Public Roads Administration in Norway and the Norwegian National Rail Administration. At present, the biggest ongoing project is E4 The Stockholm bypass (Förbifart Stockholm).

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