Rockmas product suite is modular and scalable for varios kinds of applications
Depending on the application requirements, Rockmas processing and storage unit Gpm Live can be hosted on site or in Rockmas cloud.

Rockmas products in overview figure above corresponds to the thicker lines. Rockmas products can be used alone or coexist with existing drilling solutions. Our customers can pick the products from our product suite to meet their requirements .
Gpm DrillRig
Rockmas DrillRig product is an operator friendly big screen pc, used by the operator throughout the navigating, leveling and drilling process. Also shown are the instant rock properties while drilling.
Gpm Office
Gpm Office is a desktop program. Here are some of the functions listed:
◾ 2D and 3D viewer, showing live info from holes, rigs, road networks, etc.
◾ Admin tool for setting up time codes, shift rosters, shift crews, machine faults, etc.
◾ Full dispatch function used to monitor the drilling process.
◾ Block/drill pattern designer.

Gpm Mobile
Gpm Web
A responsive web application for showing drilling statistics and rock properties. It also provides support for customers to configure their own reports.

Gpm Live
A central unit which processes and routes data from different sources, such as Gpm DrillRig or other machine control systems, to Rockmas Gpm Office/Web/Mobile.
This service can either be hosted on site or on Rockmas Cloud network. Gpm Live also provides many Web Service endpoints, hence enabling other systems to be integrated.

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